Projects. Progress.Possibilities.

It is almost the end of my third week here and there is finally a hint of rain and cooler weather. There were actually drops on the windshield as we reached the apartment!

I am sure some of you may be wondering what I am actually accomplishing as my typical blogs are about other observations during my day. Well, besides my blog, keeping up with email back home and navigating heavy traffic ( I can always take that for granted) consuming significant time, I am making progress and  if you continue to read, here is my report.

  1. I have worked with colleagues on the development of curriculum for three programs; two undergraduate and one graduate. There is one more to go. I will polish the proposals over the next week before we submit to the reviewing body. This work always includes a delicious Ugandan lunch!
  2. I have completed revisions on a draft of a journal article.
  3. I am working with Carly on an extensive business feasibility analysis and report.
  4. I have been assigned to the committee for a PhD. student and working with him on his dissertation proposal.
  5. I am consulting with other graduate students on possible dissertation topics.
  6. I am working with a Fulbright student on his research project and planning for a research article,.
  7. Met with a colleague regarding a research paper or case study based on work in western Uganda.

Yes, I think I have been productive but certainly enjoying the weather, food, and relaxation of life here in Uganda. I miss home, friends and family but am settled in a routine!

Oh, and the ants seem to be conquered!

Tomorrow should be a great day and I look forward to checking in afterward! Stay tuned.

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