Cup of Tea and Computer

A cup of tea and my computer – life is good.

I really had every intention of writing my blog this morning over my morning cup of tea but time escaped from me and here it is, though late in my day, perhaps still time for morning tea for you. Night falls quickly here just as the morning sun seems to rise so quickly so I will try to write before it gets too dark here on my patio (my favorite place). The first few days it was instant coffee but now the days begin with a cup of African tea (tea, tea masala and milk). If you want to try it when I get home let me know. I will have the tea masala.

It is election eve but for today, business as usual. Carly and I worked until mid-afternoon as we usually do, then went with Timba for a delicious late afternoon lunch at a restaurant I had not been to before. We capped the afternoon with some indulgence at Sparkles Saloon. Now, lest you think we were drinking mid-afternoon, in the states we would call it Salon. I find it funny how they add the extra letter. Carly and I each had a mani-pedi while Timba had a cut and shave. Then we ended with a brief stop at Nakumatt to prepare for potential hibernation the next few days before heading home.

I thought today I would answer the Most Frequently Asked Questions. Now that may mean just one or two people have asked as I don’t have that many readers but still let me indulge.

  1. Why Uganda for sabbatical? Iowa winters…. enough said. Okay, maybe a bit more of an explanation. You see, I go nonstop. Ask my daughter, sisters, colleagues or friends. They can take for granted that I will be busy, probably too busy. I LOVE all the incredible roles I get to play from teacher, to center director, to board member but they result in packed days. I needed to rest! Here is how Webster describes sabbatical. “A period of time during which someone does not work at his or her regular job and is able to rest, travel, do research”. That is what I am doing. I want to come back refreshed, renewed and ready to pick up where I left off. Besides, I LOVE Uganda. The country, the people and my friends here have a special place in my heart.
  2. Who are Carly and Timba that you always refer to? Excellent question. Carly is a former student that lives and works here in Uganda. She came to Uganda three times with me while a student at Drake and fell in love with the country. Okay, and perhaps a wonderful young man named Timba. Timba is a fitness trainer. Let me describe each of them… Carly is adventurous, generous-hearted, intelligent and absolutely a sweetheart! Timba is brave, intelligent, handsome and absolutely a gentleman! They are treating me with such kindness!

Keep sending your questions!

The sun has set, the lights of the far hills of the city are glimmering. Time to go in before the mosquitoes decide I am  late-evening dinner.

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