Ugandan ‘Snow Day’.

Yesterday was a ‘snow day’. You know, one of those times when  the media warns you that tomorrow you will need to stay put so you stock up from half-empty shelves at the grocery store on the way home, ready to hunker down.  Then the next day when you are stuck at home, you sleep in, then just putter around trying to find things to do. Maybe it is catching up on a project, maybe reading that book that has been on the shelf too long or catching up on all the Hallmark movies you recorded on Tivo,.But you can take for granted that by late in the day you want out, need out, begin to feel trapped.

That was yesterday and will be today. Now, let me clear things up. It did not actually snow here – not sure if it ever has except for on the magnificent  Rwenzori mountains on the far west side. You may recall, it was election day. For much of the day we were shut off from the rest of the world with no Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Internet or Satellite TV. It felt much like a snow day. The US embassy cautioned us to stay at home and we obliged. Timba did venture out to vote – twice, The first time there were not ballots. The second time – success.

So how did we spend our ‘snow day? Very well, I would say. Pancakes and bacon for a late morning breakfast, computer work, a short nap, fried chicken strips and mashed potatoes (all from scratch) for an early dinner and an evening of UNO topped off with a dish of ice cream. We have decided to keep a running tally of wins over the next few weeks. Here are the current standings: Carly – 4, Timba – 3, Deb – 2. I started slow but finished strong. We are competitive! Oh, and we are playing by South African rules. Maybe that was I started out slow – I kept learning new rules as I went along,. But no excuses or whining….. I will update you periodically on the standings. Day two is just beginning. We shall see what it brings….

Wishing you a wonderful Friday and hoping for a snow day for you if you need one!

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