Today’s blog will be quite brief. It will be another day sipping tea from the balcony patio, working on my computer, playing UNO with Carly and Timba, NTV news coverage streaming in the background.

UNO – For those of you following progress, Timba has taken a substantial lead in our UNO competition. Timba – 18, Carly – 14 and Deb – 10. I really need to step up my game….

DOS – A two man race. The election has boiled down to two candidates. The main opposition candidate, Besigye, has been removed from multiple locations by police multiple times in the past few days. The final results are due today at 4 pm. President Museveni has a substantial lead.  It has been quite interesting and I can take for granted it will continue to be as the day progresses.

TRES – Day three of being sequestered here in this lovely little apartment.

Stay posted…..

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