I put on a sweater this afternoon! It has been four weeks since my arrival to Uganda and the first time I needed a sweater.

Catchment Tanks

Catchment Tanks

Why? Four weeks later it has finally rained! The clouds started to build in the usually cloudless sky, the thunder began to roar and then it rained! It is as if a catchment tank in the sky had been filling up for weeks and this afternoon the bottom fell out!

Rain 2Rain is precious here. In a land where more than 90% of the country relies on agriculture, rain matters. We take for granted our four distinct season but here at the equator the seasons are two – rainy and dry. The farmers say the patterns are changing and they can no longer take for granted when the rains will come and this is of great concern. Also, it seems as if each time I have been here when it rains, it pours. Not the gentle rains of Midwest summers that nourish the crops – the rain today as most days came in a torrent and ended much too soon. It is rain that stops traffic and causes everyone to dash for cover.Rain 1

So for now, as the we head into late afternoon it is surprisingly cool. The dust has settled for a while and the catchment tanks have filled back up a bit. It has been a nice change….

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