Kampala South Rotary.

Good evening. It has been a wonderful day with another trip to Kikandwa. Before you wake tomorrow I will have the next chapter of Moses, Lake Bunyoni and the pygmies posted but in the meantime I want to post pictures from our health center in Kikandwa. A huge debt of thanks to Kampala South Rotary for your amazing partnership at Kikandwa Health Center. A large number of the team were at the center today for a day of nutrition education, examinations and immunizations. I am SO grateful that I can take for granted their love and support and commitment to KHC!!! Enjoy – I will be back later!
KHC 2-27 2 KHC 2-27 3 KHC 2-27 4 KHC 2-27 5 KHC 2-27 6 KHC 2-27 7 KHC 2-27 8 KHC 2-27 9 KHC 2-27 10

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