Seeds of Hope.

I think I may have just traveled to the ‘ends of the earth’ this past week. Lake Bunyonyi, a crater lake, second deepest in Africa at an estimated 900+ m (6400 ft.) . It consists of twenty-nine islands, sits at an elevation of over 6000 feet and is 4 miles by 15 miles of finger-like inlets with islands dotting the water. Close by is the land of the gorillas nearly touching the border of Rwanda.

It is breath-taking…  glass waters, hilly islands of every shade of green, ethereal mist resting on the water, thatched roof huts and terraced gardens dotting the steep hillsides, paradise… mostly untouched by time.

As you first enter on the red dirt road there are a number of resorts but we were surprised to discover our destination was only to be reached by boat as we headed for the dock to climb on board for the fifteen minute boat ride to Itambira Island. Once there we were greeted by Sally and her team from Seeds of Hope. They are an NGO working to educate the people of the many islands using their small retreat as a means of sustainability.

The food was delicious the hospitality wonderful and the silence overwhelming. We wished we could stay for days!!!! I highly recommend it if you want absolute peace and quiet! I will conclude today’s post with some pictures of paradise. Tomorrow, Moses and the island of the pygmies.

Seed of Hope 1

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