Here Kitty Kitty.

Oh my goodness! Guess what I saw last week? I can’t believe I have not told you!

I have been on about twenty safaris. Some time ago I lost count. I have been on safari in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. I have sat mesmerized as a lion killed and dined with her son on a kob (small antelope), watched a hyena saunter past the front left bumper of our safari van. I have admired giraffes, zebras, and even visited a white rhino sanctuary.  I have been witness to the thievery of baboons and even blushed at the sight of mating elephants. I have been in awe of massive hippos and elusive crocodiles at the great Nile waters’ edge but not quite seen it all…. Until last week.

Now, for the benefit of my Drake colleagues traveling with me to this beautiful land who have heard me whine over the years about this failure, my retort was always, if this happens, I need never return! I thought I could take for granted it would NEVER happen. Even when taking students on safari, my quip was, “Don’t ride in my safari van if you want to see a…… leopard!” You see others had been on the same safari in other vans and viewed this most magnificent but secretive feline but not me.

But it happened this year! Now Murchison Falls National Park is by far my favorite spot for safari and we were at Queen Elizabeth National Park so it will now have  a special place in my memory! Not only did I see the beautiful cat up very close, not three feet from it on another limb of the tree was its dinner, a freshly caught dead kob. He must have been taking a late afternoon nap before a late evening dinner.

I will close by letting pictures tell the rest of the story. Oh, and to my friends and family, I will hopefully once more be back!!!


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