It is a rare cool windy late afternoon here in Uganda. The sky is gray and the clouds are moving quickly across the sky. My time in Uganda is almost over and with it the blogs. Only two remain, today’s I have reserved for three more very special people that have each played a role in my life.



Let me begin with Ceasar. He has been my driver. But that comes no where to a complete description. He has also been my bodyguard, Luganda language instructor, grocery cart driver, bookbag carrier and more than anything else, my friend! We have laughed over many meals at our favorite restaurant, Cafe Java and had great conversations about life along the roads of Uganda. We have enjoyed pampering at Sparkles and he has patiently listened to me whine about city traffic. Thanks for keeping me safe, getting me places on time, waiting for me when needed and being a bright light during my weeks here! You are amazing!!



Next is Max. Max is the gate keeper. I can’t imagine a job waiting for someone to arrive at the gate but he has made me feel safe as I come and go from this apartment. Thanks for the constant smile and the trust and safety I feel with you downstairs.



Last but not least, is Genevieve. She is our housekeeper. What a joy it has been to come home to a clean house with today’s laundry on the line and yesterday’s ironed and put away. A few days I have been home when she has come to clean and we have had the most fascinating conversations. She is a woman of strong faith and often can be heard singing gospel songs as she cleans. Thanks for making my life so much simpler!

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