Weebale my friends.


Thanks a million!!


Oli otya, How are you?

I can’t believe it is here. The last morning sitting in my favorite spot, the city still mostly quiet except for those early rising roosters, watching the sun begin to peek through the clouds on the east horizon. It is cool again this morning, the blessing that comes after rain in this gorgeous part of the world.

I will keep the blog up for a few weeks and then it will quietly disappear. Thanks to those that have been following. Have you learned a bit about Uganda by looking through my eyes? Could you see my heart for the people I love here?

Now I can’t believe I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face, Oh, yes I can. Just ask my family. It was two years ago when this process began,. Thanks to my dear friend, Patrick, who wrote the letter of invitation starting the process to receive sabbatical, He has provided the apartment while here and I am  forever grateful. I am indebted to my dear friends and colleagues, Tom and Stephanie, for covering for me at the university. I have missed them and will be ready to get back on the team.They are treasures!

Thanks to Carly, Timba and Ceasar for putting up with me, traveling with me and making me feel wanted and loved  over so many weeks. The conversations, meals and laughter are imprinted on my heart! You are all amazing, talented young people and I wish God’s best for all of you!

I still have work to do, projects and papers to finish, reports to write, but they will come in due time. I have done my very best to NEVER TAKE FOR GRANTED each beautiful and precious day I have had here. I am so blessed. Let me close with some of my favorite pictures.

Weebale. Thank you!


NIna – you will be missed in Uganda but Texas will love you!


The children of the Rwenzoris.


The children of Kikandwa


Ceasar at his finest – helping a tiny one get her water.


I had to include a couple of safari pics so you would know I saw more than the leopard.


Look very carefully at his feet.. sorry the croc is a bit blurry.


No better way to close my blog than with a hug…


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